Over 10 years experience of Building Control and Industrial control; Leading Manufacturer in China; Specilized in R&D of protocol conversion gateway products, OPC server, monitor remotely(iiotSaaS), and EMS Platform, private protocol Shanghai Sunfull Automation Co., LTD is a leading Manufacturer in China. We specilized in the research and development of gateway products: WEB HMI, WEB gateway, BACnet gateway, Modbus gateway, SNMP gateway, SMS/Wechat alarm gateway, private protocol development, cloud platform monitoring(iiotSaaS), OPC server, and energy management platform(uSaaS) etc.

Shanghai Sunfull devote to gateway products research and development in the field of building control, industrial control, transportation, air conditioning, and refrigeration, coal mine, water supply, energy and power,etc., and we take the lead in applying HTML5 SVG, WebSocket specification and AJAX technology to the gateway, so as to use mobile phone, iPad and other intelligent terminals to monitor real-time data on the browser through gateway.

Shanghai Sunfull has obtained the high-tech enterprise and software enterprise certificate, and our products have obtained the international OPC certification and BTL certification.Our company in accordance with the ISO9001 system management, has 32 software copyrights and 1 patent product.

As Shanghai Sunfull Automation,we know the importance of providing the most competitive pricing and good quality with the best possible delivery time.So we set up good team for Research and Development,Quality Control,Technical Support,Purchasing,Shipping,Sales and marketing.

Shanghai Sunfull Automation's primary objective is to provide our customers with the best service by providing complete,accurate,and the most comprehensive information in reponse to your requisition or request for quotation.

Shanghai Sunfull was founded on 10th Jan 2012, appointing "FOCUS ON WEB HMI & IOT" as its own duty and basing on R&D of all gateway products.
In building automation field, we have BACnet gateway.
In industrial automation field, we have Modbus gateway and X2OPC server;
In electric power automation field, we have IEC104 gateway;
In data center dynamic loop monitoring field, we have SNMP gateway.
For OPC client application, OPC2Modbus has become a classic product, realizing OPC to Modbus server function.

In 2016, Sunfull obtained certification of software enterprise and products.

In 2018, X2OPC software passed CTT verification by OPC Foundation.

In 2018, BACnet gateway passed BTL verification by BACnet international organization. (becoming the first passed BTL gateway company in China)

In 2018, Web touch panel configuration software passed the commercialization of research findings. The MQTT-based cloud platform EMSIIOT was established, realizing login to WeChat public account, remote monitoring configuration and WeChat alarm function.

In 2019, Web configuration IoT edge gateway software passed the commercialization of research findings.

In 2019, Shanghai Sunfull was verified as "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and Innovative" enterprise.

In 2019, Singapore Milesgo IIOT PTE LTD was established.

In 2020, Shanghai Sunfull launched X2Profinet gateway, I7-1031, I10-1031, I15-1031 building control capacitive screen and HMI1031-HDMI gateway.

In 2021, Shanghai Sunfull launched two DDC module (DDC2001-8600 and DDC2001-8642), 86 type bottom box installation I4-1001 and I7-1001 capacitive screen, camera multimedia gateway MMG2004-A9, energy management gateway HMI2004-EMS, Siemens remote IO module PFN2001-8600.

In 2022, Shanghai Sunfull launched DDC module DDC2003-8600 and IO expansion module, 86 type bottom box installation I4-1002 and I7-1002 capacitive screen, building management gateway HMI2004-BMS with integrated webcam, and unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches with 5 ports and 8 ports.

In 2023, FRP Intranet penetration function is implemented on the HMI1031-HDMI-EMS and HMI2004-EMS energy management gateways to facilitate remote download of PLCS and remote desktops. At the same time, the IOT platform Node-RED is also integrated into the gateway and DDC web pages.
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